Custom Tour
Our custom tour package takes into account that South Africa has so much to offer and no matter how long or short, we can put together a trip specifically tailored to your specifications.
It is unrealistic to promise you as a traveler that you would “see everything” on any of our tours. Although we give a good overview of certain areas with our different packages, there will always be more to see and experience and we can help make that happen. For a couple we could help plan a self drive tour and organize all the nitty gritty details so you don’t have to waste your valuable holiday-time doing it. For bigger groups, whether it’s a few friends that want to explore or a family vacation where Dad doesn’t want to drive we can put a tour together, taking all your needs into account, and take over behind the scenes so you don’t have to stress about traveling in a new country.

If you prefer to choose one of our other tour options, have a look here at tours on offer.


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