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  • All accommodation
  • All overland transport
  • Safari and all National Park Fees
  • Driver and Tour Guide
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Entrance and camping at Up the Creek Music Festival


Upcoming trip dates:

25 January – 4 March 2020
Trip direction: Cape Town to Pretoria
Includes 3 Nights at Up the Creek Music Festival

Bloukrans bungy jump and bridge walk – 216 metres (world’s highest bridge bungy)

The Bloukrans bungy Jump is the world’s highest commercial bungy bridge. It is also the highest commercial natural bungy jump in the world. 216 metres (709ft) above the Bloukrans river – ENOUGH SAID! 

If you don’t want to bungy you can join the jump-group on the top of the bridge arch and give your friends that extra bit of support. The experience of being on the walkway is quite spectacular, with a stunning view of the mouth of the Bloukrans river as it flows into the sea. On the top of the arch, you will get to witness the workings of the world’s highest commercial bungy jump bridge.

Waterfall zip-lining tours

What makes the Tsitsikamma “Waterfall zipline tour” unique is that you have the opportunity to safely slide on a zip line across three beautiful waterfalls surrounded by indigenous trees and plants. This eco-adventure is sure to give you an adrenaline rush, zigzagging across the Kruis River with the wind in your face and the whistle of the pulley on the cable. There are eight slides, of which the longest is 211 metres and as high as 50 metres above the water. Each section presents its own surprises, adventure, wonders and beautiful views.

Canopy zip-lining tours

The first of its kind in Africa, this 2.5-3 hour canopy tour involves traversing from one platform to another along a steel cables suspended up to 30 metres above the forest floor. Most platforms are located in giant Outeniqua Yellowwood trees. The scenery and bird life is spectacular and professional guides provide you interesting facts about the forest ecology.

Stand up paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is still a relatively young sport and is gaining participants with great momentum. Learn to SUP with easy, progressive and fun SUP lessons in Cape Town on calm water or in the waves at Muizenberg – an internationally recognized spot for learning.

Horse riding

No reason for a long face if you are a horse riding fanatic. You’ll have different terrain to choose from and two of our favorites would definitely be a ride in the mountains at Swellendam or on the beach at Noordhoek, Jeffreys Bay or Chintsa.

Great white shark cage diving

The great white shark (Carcharodon Carcharias) is one of the most feared creatures on the planet; beautifully streamlined to slip through the ocean with minimal effort. Its immense size, jet black eyes,  razor sharp teeth and extendable jaws make this the ultimate super predator, and on this day you get up close and personal! Passengers can view and experience sharks from a metal cage dropped into the ocean, and from the boat’s upper deck. It is the ideal spot to capture some fantastic shark pictures or shoot video footage.

Township tours

Discover the multicultural side of South Africa and interact with the locals. In District Six, forced removals of residents changed the lives of many people. Langa, Gugulethu and Khayelitsha (as the largest and fastest growing township in South Africa) are symbols of the New South Africa. These townships are caught between old squatter misery and new prosperity, squalor and an upbeat lifestyle. Experience informal settlements where traditional healers and shebeens add to the rich culture of township life.

Boat trips

If boat tripping floats your boat there are a few outings to choose from. Take a boat trip to the seal colony on Seal Island in scenic Hout Bay or experience a close encounter with the gentle giants of the ocean on an informative and educational whale watching trip in Hermanus.


Sandboarding is a very fun adventure sport! It’s a board sport similar to snowboarding but takes place in desert areas or coastal areas with beach dunes. All it takes to sandboard is a positive attitude, a board strapped to your feet after a few basic instructions and you will be blasting down a sand dune in no time at all.  You’ll have a few opportunities to rip down some beach dunes in South Africa.

Skydiving and tandem skydiving jumps

Free-fall over one of the most scenic drop zones in the world. Start the experience with a short briefing, then enjoy a 20 minute plane flight to 10,000 feet over the Knysna forests and Plettenberg Bay coastline. The leisurely, scenic plane flight comes to an end and the adrenaline starts to pump as you exit the plane with your Tandem Master and experience the rush of a 35 second free fall at 200km/h! Also available close to Cape Town (views of Table Mountain!! and Jeffreys Bay)

Paragliding and tandem paragliding

Cape Town is one of the most spectacular places in the world to paraglide with astonishing views of Lion’s Head, Table Mountain and the Cape Town area. However, there are many other excellent flying sites all along the Cape coast including Signal Hill, Sir Lowry’s Pass, Franschhoek, Hermanus and all the way down to Wilderness and Sedgefield. Tandem paragliding instructional flights are a great way of getting into paragliding or just experiencing the joy of free flight.

Wine tasting

With some of the best wines in the world being produced just half an hour’s drive from Cape Town, it would be a disgrace not to spend a day sampling some of these fine beverages. The wine country has a long history and strong culture stretching from 1688. It’s hard to decide where to stop for a tasting; one of the 140 estates in the Stellenbosch area, some of the 70 farms in the Paarl district, Franschhoek, Robertson… fortunately we have time for more than two and we have a pretty good idea of what you might like! 

Kitesurfing lessons

If you would like to master the art of kiteboarding, why not go for some lessons in this exhilarating and fast growing sport. If you do a lesson early in the trip you can keep it up all along the coast and also at some dams and rivers inland. If you are already a master, travel with your own kit or rent some for a rip.

Crocodile cage diving (seasonal)

This dive at the Cango Wildlife Ranch is a world first and has attracted people from all over the planet. Submerged in water, face to face with giant Nile Crocodiles you get a chance to see these reptiles like you have never before (and probably never will again)!

Monkeyland and Birds of Eden

As the World’s first free-roaming multi-species primate sanctuary, Monkeyland offers monkey safaris where you can view the primates in their forest home. Right next door you can visit Birds of Eden, the World’s largest free-flight bird aviary (50 metres high, covering 23,000 square meters of forest). Birds of Eden houses more than 3,500 specimens of more than 280 species, with the main focus being African birds. The dome covers 2 km of boardwalks. Choose one or combine both experiences.

Whale watching charters (seasonal)

Hermanus has the best land-based whale watching in the world.. You can also see them up close and personal in their own environment by doing a whale watching boat trip… an amazing way to experience these ocean giants!

Safari – game watching

It is well known that Africa has an abundance of wildlife you will find nowhere else on the planet. It is always fun to try and spot the Big Five – Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos and Buffalo – but there is so much more to see….Have you ever heard about Africa’s ‘Little Five’?  They are (and don’t laugh) the Elephant Shrew, Ant Lion, Rhinoceros Beetle, Buffalo Weaver and Leopard Tortoise. The country has some of the world’s richest biodiversity hot spots, with remarkable bird life, abundant buck, small game and bizarre insects. You will have the opportunity to visit Addo Elephant Park and tick many of these land animals off our lists. With diving and snorkeling as well as boat trips, we can also spot some of the ocean dwellers like dolphins, whales, sharks, turtles and crabs.

Surfing and surfing lessons

South Africa is a surf mecca! There are many breaks en-route and whether you choose to travel with your own board or hire on the spot we will be sure to catch some waves. If you have never surfed before and you want to try it, there are more than a few places where lessons are offere.

Guided walks and hikes

Throughout our trip there are beautiful walks, hikes and mountain treks you can explore. River mouths, mountain trails, shopping malls, romantic walks on endless white sand beaches, walking safaris… the list goes on. If you talk the ‘walk-talk’, your feet will stay busy every step of the way 🙂

Oribi Gorge wild swing – 165m (highest in the world)

Situated at the top of Lehr’s Falls, it is the highest gorge swing in the world. Hurl yourself (or simply step) off the edge of the waterfall to swing into the gaping depths of the gorge – 165 metres (55 Storeys / 541ft)!

Oribi Gorge wild abseil – 110m (also called rappelling)

Abseil down a 110 metre (361ft) cliff face alongside Lehr’s waterfall and experience a new dimension in sightseeing! Determine your own pace, and lavish the thrill of one of the world’s highest commercial abseils. The first 45 metres is a cliff abseil where one traditionally abseils with their feet against the cliff while the remaining 65 metres is a free abseil allowing one to take in the beauty of the gorge from a different angle.

Oribi Gorge wild slide

Experience solitary bliss! Slide along the cable that spans across the gorge, 165 metres (541ft) above the treetops. Strapped securely in a full body harness, you can lavish the view without compromising your comfort… Enjoy a bird’s eye views of Lehr’s Waterfall and Baboon’s Castle!

SCUBA diving

If it’s variety you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. South Africa has an enormously long coastline ranging from around Latitudes 35°S to 27°S. The Mozambique Current flows down our east coast, bringing warm tropical water with it, and at Sodwana Bay we have the most southerly coral reefs in the world which would blow any SCUBA diver’s mind with color and beauty.

Guided walks and hikes

Throughout our trip there are beautiful walks, hikes and mountain treks you can explore. River mouths, mountain trails, shopping malls, romantic walks on endless white sand beaches, walking safaris in The Kruger Park… the list goes on. If you talk the walk talk, your feet will stay busy every step of the way 🙂

Traditional village tours

Experience a way of life far removed from yours by roaming the hills with a guide. He’ll introduce you to his home village where you can sample the local food and consult the herbalist or perhaps the witch doctor who’ll throw the bones for you. End the day trip with a session at the local shebeen (unlicensed drinking establishment), where the bravest can try the African beer. This is a great way to learn more about some of the 11 different cultures that make up South Africa’s rainbow nation.


Explore the magic of our unique coastline with its abundant marine life up close and personal on a kayak in the company of an experienced guide. Glide across sparkling water while enjoying a view of majestic mountains, forest, coastline and wildlife. There are many places to paddle the day away from Simon’s Town in False Bay to enjoying the stunning river estuary in Chintsa and Mdumbi in the Eastern Cape.

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