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Upcoming trip dates:

14 Feb – 4 Mar, 2020

Trip Direction: Chintsa to Pretoria

Oribi Gorge Wild Swing – 165m (Highest in the World)
Situated at the top of Lehr’s Falls, it is the highest gorge swing in the world. Hurl yourself (or simply step) off the edge of the waterfall to swing into the gaping depths of the gorge – 165 metres (55 Storeys / 541ft)!

Oribi Gorge Wild Abseil – 110m (also called rappelling)
Abseil down a 110 metre (361ft) cliff face alongside Lehr’s waterfall and experience a new dimension in sightseeing! Determine your own pace, and lavish the thrill of one of the world’s highest commercial abseils. The first 45 metres is a cliff abseil where one traditionally abseils with their feet against the cliff while the remaining 65 metres is a free abseil allowing one to take in the beauty of the gorge from a different angle.

Oribi Gorge Wild Slide
Experience solitary bliss! Slide along the cable that spans across the gorge, 165 metres (541ft) above the treetops. Strapped securely in a full body harness, you can lavish the view without compromising your comfort… Enjoy a bird’s eye views of Lehr’s Waterfall and Baboon’s Castle!

Surfing and Surfing Lessons
South Africa is a surf mecca! There are many breaks en-route and whether you choose to travel with your own board or hire on the spot we will be sure to catch some waves. If you have never surfed before and you want to try it, there are more than a few places where lessons are on offer.

SCUBA Diving
If it’s variety you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. South Africa has an enormously long coastline ranging from around Latitudes 35°S to 27°S. The Mozambique Current flows down our east coast, bringing warm tropical water with it, and at Sodwana Bay we have the most southerly coral reefs in the world which would blow any SCUBA Diver’s mind in color and beauty.

Guided Walks and Hikes
Throughout our trip there are beautiful walks, hikes and mountain treks you can explore. River mouths, mountain trails, shopping malls, romantic walks on endless white sand beaches, walking safaris in The Kruger Park… the list goes on. If you talk the walk talk, your feet will stay busy every step of the way 🙂

Traditional Village Tours
Experience a way of life far removed from yours by roaming the hills with a guide. He’ll introduce you to his home village where you can sample the local food and consult the herbalist or perhaps the witch doctor who’ll throw the bones for you. End the day trip with a session at the local shebeen (unlicensed drinking establishment), where the bravest can try the African beer. This is a great way to learn more about some of the 11 different cultures that make up South Africa’s rainbow nation.

Explore the magic of our unique coastline with its abundant marine life up close and personal on a kayak in the company of an experienced guide. Glide across sparkling water while enjoying a view of the majestic mountain, sea cliffs and marine life. There are many places to paddle the day away from Simon’s Town in False Bay to enjoying the stunning river estuary in Chintsa in the Eastern Cape.

Horse Riding
No reason for a long face if you are a horse riding fanatic. In Chintsa you will get the opportunity to take a horse out for a gallop along the gorgeous white sand beaches.

Safari – Game Watching
It is well known that Africa has an abundance of wildlife you will find nowhere else on the planet. On this part of the tour we visit Kruger National Park and it is exhilarating to try and spot the Big Five – Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos and Buffalo – but there is so much more to see…. Have you ever heard about Africa’s ‘Little Five’? They are (and don’t laugh) the Elephant Shrew, Ant Lion, Rhinoceros Beetle, Buffalo Weaver and Leopard Tortoise. The country has some of the world’s richest biodiversity hotspots, with remarkable birdlife, abundant buck, small game and bizarre insects. We will cruise the bush in the Kruger National Park to tick many of these land animals off our lists. With diving and snorkeling as well as boat trips we can also spot some of the ocean dwellers like dolphins, whales, sharks, turtles and crabs.

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